After the Wedding Update

Hi everyone, just wanted to write a quick note to thank all who were able to make it to the wedding. It was great to see the familiar faces of family and friends who came to celebrate with us.

Our only regret from the ceremony is not having enough time to spend time catching up with everyone. Regardless, you all made it a wonderful day, and we are having a blast looking through all the great pictures you left for us 🙂 .

If you have any pictures from the wedding you’d like to share, we set up a photo sharing widget on the photos page, and we would appreciate it if you upload some pictures, as some of you have already done through facebook. (Thanks, Danylle!!)

Not much else has been going on worth talking about, we’re both greatly enjoying the peace and quiet after the last few months. Thanks again, and we’ll see some of you come Christmas!

Valentine’s in Seattle

So this year Nathan and I spent Valentine’s Day in Seattle. Unfortunately, it was raining pretty much the entire time so we really did do much for sight-seeing. The one place we did visit on the short weekend trip was the Point Defiance Zoo. This is where the majority of the photos were taken. Since it was raining, the zoo was pretty empty, allowing us to be able to see most of the animals without having to fight through crowds.

There was an indoor exhibit for Seahorses which was absolutely beautiful. They had all kinds and the tanks were super clean so it was easy to take great photos of them. Another awesome exhibit was the penguin area. There were a ton of penguins swimming around in the rain. They kept swimming back and forth in front of me flipping upside down and goofing around. It seemed like they were wanting to play with me. Check out the album below to see other pictures from the zoo.


Vet Visit: Taking the Jabs

Today was Tubaloo’s final round of kitty immunizations, we wrapped up the FCRV and Rabies vaccines with the vet, who gave Tubaloo a clean bill of health! Other than being pretty vocal about disliking the car ride to the vets office, everything went super smoothly, and we were thrilled to hear that he’s doing well, now that we got that scab all healed and we know the microchip is no longer about to pop out of his skin. 🙂

The only complaint I’d say is that those shots were supposed to make him sleepy, and he was as wired and crazy as ever all nite!

Welcome Tubaloo

Horror of horrors!

We have a new kitty, he’s a bit of a monster… we’ll be updating with some anecdotes of exactly how much of a little terror he is, but for now you can check out the photo gallery. Don’t be fooled by appearances; he may look cute, but…

OpenShot Video Editor, and a new Home-Movie!

Well, I’ve been playing with a great non-linear video editor for Linux that just reached it’s official 1.0.0 release (yay!), and as a test to get used to the new program, i put together a home movie of our trip to Seattle and thought I’d share it with ya. Enjoy!

Hot and Fluffy!

Just got the pictures back from the Gabriel Iglesias show in Eugene, thought I’d throw it up real quick. The show was fantastic, Gabriel and his entourage were utterly hilarious, and having met him after the show, he’s every bit as nice and energetic as he seems. We’d definitely go see him again. Hopefully next time it’s not such a long drive!

Gabriel Iglesias Show

Beads Beads Beads!!!

Just wrapped up a project inspired by some beads we picked up at the Hillsboro Gem Faire this weekend. It’s a nice-lookin’ necklace with a lot of turquoise and sterling-silver, in the style favored by my Mom. I’m thinkin’ early Mothers Day present. Check below for a picture of the finished necklace.

My partners in crime were my sister and my girlfriend (check out our site @! ), with whom I had a fun day doing the craft thing. For anyone who may have missed out on the Gem Faire and thinks it may sound like a good time, check out their schedule at the website; it looks like they’ll be coming back in March!


Seattle, June 2009

This June we got to take a much needed and long-discussed getaway to Seattle to visit a city dear to my sweetheart for all the good memories she has there, and so we could make some memories of our own (myself having never been there longer than necessary to crash the airport).

Our agenda included a trip to the Experience Music Project. As a child of the 80’s, first becoming aware of pop-culture right in time for the grunge movement, visiting a music museum in the city that started it all was great, and who wouldn’t enjoy the Jimi Hendrix center?! Right when we thought it couldn’t get any better, we found out that the EMP shares a building with the Science Fiction Museum!!! Anybody who knows me will understand how great THAT was. 😀 Adding the topping to the cake, we sprung for a last minute Daft Punk laser-show, which was a lot more fun than I had expected, especially as it was my first time visiting a laser-show.

Aside from the trips out to city attractions, the lodgings at the Hotel Sierra were simply unbelievable for the price.  The accomodations were very luxurious and every day we got to enjoy a delicious breakfast served in the lounge.

For pics of the awesome, check here.

Then we came home, which was not as fun.