My Birthday Present > Gir!

So…Nathan told me that he’s going to pay for my tattoo as my birthday present. For seven years now I’ve been talking about getting a Gir tattoo so I can look at it whenever I’m having a hard time and giggle to myself. Any time that I’ve wanted to get the tattoo I’ve either ducked out due to fear or didn’t have the spare money. now that Nathan and I are doing so well at work, we can afford it.

At first I really wasn’t sure I wanted to take Nathan’s offer. I though….maybe some other romantic present would be less painful. After thinking about it a little, I think that it would be a great idea to get the tattoo. I think that it’s going to be of Gir the robot sitting, and will be on the back of my right shoulder. For reference, it’ll look like the one below….just without the squid.

Anywho….I’ll update more once I go meet with a tattoo artist and get started.

OpenShot Video Editor, and a new Home-Movie!

Well, I’ve been playing with a great non-linear video editor for Linux that just reached it’s official 1.0.0 release (yay!), and as a test to get used to the new program, i put together a home movie of our trip to Seattle and thought I’d share it with ya. Enjoy!