OpenShot Video Editor, and a new Home-Movie!

Well, I’ve been playing with a great non-linear video editor for Linux that just reached it’s official 1.0.0 release (yay!), and as a test to get used to the new program, i put together a home movie of our trip to Seattle and thought I’d share it with ya. Enjoy!

Seattle, June 2009

This June we got to take a much needed and long-discussed getaway to Seattle to visit a city dear to my sweetheart for all the good memories she has there, and so we could make some memories of our own (myself having never been there longer than necessary to crash the airport).

Our agenda included a trip to the Experience Music Project. As a child of the 80’s, first becoming aware of pop-culture right in time for the grunge movement, visiting a music museum in the city that started it all was great, and who wouldn’t enjoy the Jimi Hendrix center?! Right when we thought it couldn’t get any better, we found out that the EMP shares a building with the Science Fiction Museum!!! Anybody who knows me will understand how great THAT was. 😀 Adding the topping to the cake, we sprung for a last minute Daft Punk laser-show, which was a lot more fun than I had expected, especially as it was my first time visiting a laser-show.

Aside from the trips out to city attractions, the lodgings at the Hotel Sierra were simply unbelievable for the price.  The accomodations were very luxurious and every day we got to enjoy a delicious breakfast served in the lounge.

For pics of the awesome, check here.

Then we came home, which was not as fun.