We’re Engaged!

Okay….so I know that this is a super-late post but…Nathan and I are officially engaged! We went to the John Mayer concert on March 30th at the Portland Memorial Colosseum. We were pleasantly surprised that Michael Franti was the opener for the show. The entire concert was amazing and our seats were perfect. I’ll post photos of the show later.

After the concert we drove down to the waterfront to see the city at night. It was freezing outside and almost midnight but we walked down to the water anyways. I was shivering so Nathan offered to get his coat out of the car for me. He walked back to the car and came back with his jacket but didn’t hand it over. As I was getting angry that he’s not handing me the jacket to help me get warm he pulled something out of the hood of it.

Even though it was freezing and the ground was soaking wet, Nathan got down on one knee and simply said, “Will you marry me?” I think that he was going to say something more but I immediately starting kissing him, so any attempt to be more eloquent was ruined. While┬áI was kissing him I realized that I hadn’t actually answered him. Of course, I said yes.

As soon as I said yes the moment was quickly interrupted with laughter as a bicyclist came hauling ass right by us with their little headlight on. Nathan and I started giggling but continued to hug. Then, as if telling us that the moment is over, another guy on a bike went speeding by.

We got home super late and I couldn’t help but post the news on Facebook. I got a mix of comments as a lot of people said “about damn time” and a bunch more said “why are you awake at 3:30 AM?” Needless to say it was a wonderful night.

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