Visiting Glide > Labor Day Weekend 2010

Nathan and I managed to get Labor Day off this year so decided to make use of our three day weekend by heading down to Glide to visit my parents. Since we were on our way down, I called Dawn to see if she wanted to ride along and visit as well. Luckily, the timing worked out well for her to come down too.

Generally speaking, Nathan and I dread the drive down to Glide on Friday after work. Last Friday was no different. With the two cats in the car things can get a little obnoxious since they cry until we let them out of the carriers, which isn’t until we’re on the freeway. We were happy that Dawn was there with us and realized pretty quickly that this trip will be more fun than usual. We stopped off to get some coffee before heading out of town and witnessed a bag lady argument taking place across the street. They were standing on either end of a large driveway hollering at each other and gesturing all over the place. They were both in full-on sweaters and warm clothing (keep in mind it was like 80 degrees outside). Dawn couldn’t resist narrating the argument in a very animated fashion. This was going to be a really fun trip.

We finally made it to Glide around 11PM and the kitties were super excited to get out of the car. I took the liberties of taking down all of the ingredients needed to make Monster Cookies as I was super hopeful that my mom would be willing to make some with me. Saturday morning, that’s exactly what we did. I must say….Monster Cookies are my favorite. Here’s what they look like:

Sunday we all (my parents, Nathan, and I) drove over to Coquille to visit my grandmother and see Nathan’s grandparents at the same time. It was a lot of driving but was a pretty decent trip. My grandma had a really busy and stressful day so she wasn’t as on top of her game as usual. Her Parkinson’s is really taking a toll on her so she seems to have a bit more bad days than good days. While we were there, grandma offered to let me look through her books and see which ones I might like. My grandma always had such wonderful books. I was excited to get an old copy of Canterbury Tales, as well as Aesop’s Fables, Candide and a couple others. The books are going to be a very welcomed addition to our library.

Anywho….that was pretty much our weekend. It was a little more full of driving than I would have liked but oh well.

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