We recently got a chance to go see the Flobots on May 8th at the Hawthorne Theater. Erik was up visiting from Roseburg so we took him along and met  my coworker, Jill at the concert. The opening bands were not as great as expected and seemed more like annoying teenagers than musicians to me.

Once the Flobots actually went on it was great. I’d been listening to their new single “White Flag Warriors” at least twice a day for weeks before the show. It was really awesome getting to see them in action. There’s even a violinist in the band who played throughout most of the songs. From listening to the music I had no idea that there was someone actually playing the violin.

They played some music from their first album “Fight With Tools” but the majority of the concert was from their new “Survival Story” album. If you haven’t listened to it I highly recommend checking out their song “Good Soldier”. It’s very emotional and….well….awesome. Click here to listen to it: Good Soldier

Anywho….long story short…..another awesome concert with good friends and my wonderful fiance.

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