Cake Testing! – 1/26/11

Today we’re going to go visit some local bakeries for what may be the easiest part of the planning, picking a cake design and flavor! On the agenda is Lamb’s Thriftway and Cupcake Jones. Depending on what we find we may have another decision behind us today, or we may just disappear in a blissful food coma. Wish us luck!


Lamb’s – We went to Lamb’s first thing in the morning and their cakes are amazing tasting. Since it was our first appointment, however, we waited to sign any papers. They had some sort of pink champagne cake with strawberry filling that was perfect. One downside was that in order to do the stacked tiers like we were originally wanting, only half of the tiers would end up having icing on them because the spaces under the tiers are not iced. We left the appointment thinking that maybe the cupcake idea would be a better choice for us.

Cupcake Jones – The appointment to meet with Cupcake Jones and try out the cupcakes/get information was at 6 PM. We arrived at their downtown office and were led to the back where there were 3 very pretty cupcakes awaiting us. If I recall, there were the following: a chocolate filled with chocolate ganoush and frosting, red velvet filled and topped with cream cheese icing, and a white cake with cream cheese frosting. To be honest, I wasn’t the biggest fan of the flavor/texture but they were very attractive looking. No papers were signed at this appointment but we did decide that we will definitely go with cupcakes.

Saint Cupcake – After making no committments to the bakeries we visited, I decided we should make a visit to Saint Cupcake to see what they have. We had an appointment for Friday (1/28) shortly before the afternoon. When we got to the shop, we were led upstairs to a room that included photo books of what they’ve done, sprinkle examples and the cupcake stands available. There were also around 12 beautiful tiny cupcakes on the table for us to try. That’s 12 different flavors of cupcakes. We were both impressed and overwhelmed. We were left alone to try the cupcakes and talk amongst ourselves before they came back to check on us and give us the details. Every cupcake we tried was amazing and the prices were just as good so we decided to jump on it and place our deposit to hold the date. If you want a peek at what kinds of cupcakes may be at their wedding, here’s their menu:

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