Jack Johnson / Portland Bridal Show 10/3/10

So this last weekend was a great time spent with family. My mom, brother and sister-in-law drove up from Glide Saturday morning to run around and go to a bridal show and the Jack Johnson concert. The weekend was hectic but very fun. The initial plan was to tackle the Bridal Show with the ladies on Saturday and the concert Sunday. Everyone arrived at the house around 2:30 PM and we decided to hold off on the Bridal Show until Sunday to let everyone get settled at the apartment. Saturday night was spent going to the pool hall with Nathan, Krystal, Jimmy and Dru. It was nice to just hang out at the bar and visit with everyone. My mom decided to stay home, claiming she doesn’t go out at night anymore. Yea…she’s a wuss sometimes when it comes to having a good time.

After getting to sleep in a bit on Sunday, we started to get ready to head to the Bridal Show. Alisa happened to have the day off as well so we took her along. The Bridal Show was so overwhelming with all of the booths and venders. For some reason I hadn’t thought about all the tiny decisions I still have to make for the wedding. We all got some great ideas and my mom and I finally got to get together to share our ideas for my wedding. It was a great family day.

We got home from the show just in time to grab a sweater and head out the door for Jack Johnson. The concert was in Washington so we had a 45 minute drive ahead of us. My brother Jimmy was so excited that he was practically vibrating in the back seat the entire way there. He had apparently been dreaming about the concert and waking up talking about Jack Johnson for the last three days. The concert was great and he really sounded amazing in concert. The weather couldn’t have been any better as the rain waited until after the concert. I’ll be posting some pictures of the weekend on here later.

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