Our New Kitty > Gender Confusion

Nathan and I got a new little kitty on June 18th (See Birthday Present # 2). We decided to name out new tiny critter Coraline, as Nathan had a dream about her wandering Coraline’s dream-world. We spent the next week and a half or so playing happily with our new little girl and getting Tubaloo used to having a sibling. Then the time came to take Coraline to the vet’s office. Coraline got a A+ on her health…..with a bit of a hang-up….which hangs. The vet was checking Coraline out and decided to take her into the back for a better look. The vet, along with a couple of other people in the back, spent the next few minutes analyzing Coraline. Nathan and I sat in the small room, confused. After a few minutes Dr. Young came back into the room, kitty in hand and announced, “well….it’s going to have to be a Cory!” Apparently, our little girl is a boy, and was just too little for us to notice. I must say I was a bit embarrassed. At any rate, we welcome the new kitty into our home, and have renamed him Steve. We will be posting more photos and updates on Steve shortly.

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