Steve’s Vet Appointment # 2

So we took Steve in for his second vet appointment yesterday and he is just the picture of health for a kitty his age. He came in at a whopping 3lbs….he still thinks he’s much bigger. Steve has made a great addition to our home and Tubaloo has taken on the job of mentoring him. We will often walk into the room to see Tubaloo holding Steve down and biting him to make him sit still then proceed to lick him all over. Tubba’s also passing all of his bad habits down, including climbing on the kitchen counter.

As Steve gets older, we’re starting to get a better idea of what he’s going to look like as an adult. So far, his fur seems to be getting longer and very curly on his belly and by his ears.  He’s also starting to get stray long white hairs on his arms and legs. Looking at his feet….I think he’s going to be a very large kitty. I’ll keep the blog updated with photos as he grows.

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