Valentine’s in Seattle

So this year Nathan and I spent Valentine’s Day in Seattle. Unfortunately, it was raining pretty much the entire time so we really did do much for sight-seeing. The one place we did visit on the short weekend trip was the Point Defiance Zoo. This is where the majority of the photos were taken. Since it was raining, the zoo was pretty empty, allowing us to be able to see most of the animals without having to fight through crowds.

There was an indoor exhibit for Seahorses which was absolutely beautiful. They had all kinds and the tanks were super clean so it was easy to take great photos of them. Another awesome exhibit was the penguin area. There were a ton of penguins swimming around in the rain. They kept swimming back and forth in front of me flipping upside down and goofing around. It seemed like they were wanting to play with me. Check out the album below to see other pictures from the zoo.


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